I’m Teaching People How To Become More Entrepreneurial

Learn to Think Like An Entrepreneur (Your Survival May Depend Upon It)

Learn to Think Like An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, but an entrepreneurial mindset is increasingly required to succeed in today’s perpetually disrupted markets. Being an entrepreneur is hard, unglamorous and often requires enduring a level of grit and grime and gunk that most people are unwilling to commit to. Whatever your current job is, I’m here to give you an inside look at the real life, often unInstagrammable, side of being an entrepreneur, and teach you how you can think like an entrepreneur in any area of responsibility.



Because Thinking Like An Entrepreneur Will…

Increase Your Confidence & Productivity

The flexibility, adaptiveness and alertness demanded of entrepreneurs directly contributes to their high confidence levels. These are not traits you are born with, but skills you can learn and deliberately cultivate over time.

Help You Survive the Coming AI Automation Apocalypse

The coming AI job automation apocalypse will impact jobs like no other technical revolution in our history. You can dig your heels in, or you can learn how to embrace the entrepreneurial mindset to stand out from the crowd – whether you start your own business or not.

Increase Your Future Value and Create Stability From Instability

Whether you start your own company or continue to work for a company, thinking like an entrepreneur embodies several of the skills that will be required to thrive in the rapidly evolving and volatile knowledge economy.

Put You On a Path of Freedom and Creative Independence

Are you tired of “milking the clock” and “doing the bare minimum”? This 9-5 mentality will hamstring your future job prospects and even threaten your employability. Entrepreneurs are trying to remove cogs so the sooner you stop thinking like one, the better!

What Can You Do?

Take My 8-Part Entrepreneurial Crash Course

Know the Power of Poor…And Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

The Market Doesn’t Care About …, Only …

Don’t Be A Spoiled Brat, But Sacrifice Bravely

Understanding Money & Value Exchanges

Learning Laissez Faire is Your Secret Weapon

Learn to Walk, Don’t Have Someone Teach You

Commit to the Survival Cycle

Get Good at Being a Generalist

Continually Scout Your Next Stretch Goal

Why Should You Care?

I grew up really poor. I got my start as an entrepreneur when I was 9 when my dad dropped me off on the side of a rural
New Mexican highway, gave me a generic Hefty trash bag and told me to pick up aluminum beer cans that drunk New Mexican drivers had discarded out their passenger window, while presumably evading the Po Po.

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