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I help people survive their startups. Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned vet, I take the lessons I’ve learned over the last four decades and communicate them in ways that will strengthen your resolve, fire your imagination and stabilize your trajectory in business.

I’m Teaching People How To Become More Entrepreneurial

Learn to Think Like An Entrepreneur (Your Survival May Depend Upon It)

Yes, I Want to Learn to Think Like an Entrepreneur

Eight Rules of Entrepreneurship

These 8 rules are the foundation for successful entrepreneurial living

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Take My 8-Part Entrepreneurial Crash Course

Know the Power of Poor…And Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

The Market Doesn’t Care About …, Only …

Don’t Be A Spoiled Brat, But Sacrifice Bravely

Understanding Money & Value Exchanges

Learning Laissez Faire is Your Secret Weapon

Learn to Walk, Don’t Have Someone Teach You

Commit to the Survival Cycle

Get Good at Being a Generalist

Continually Scout Your Next Stretch Goal

Why Should You Care?

I grew up really poor. I got my start as an entrepreneur when I was 9 when my dad dropped me off on the side of a rural
New Mexican highway, gave me a generic Hefty trash bag and told me to pick up aluminum beer cans that drunk New Mexican drivers had discarded out their passenger window, while presumably evading the Po Po.

Foundational Economic Principles


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