• A Question for #BlackLivesMatter: Which Ones?

    If there’s one thing that drives me crazy with news media, it’s their varying use of base scales to present data. Take for instance, this article on the homicide rate in America which uses a base scale of per 100,000 people. Compare it to this article on the abortion rate in America which uses a …

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  • My Statement of Purpose Letter to a Master of Data Science Program

    I recently applied to a Master of Data Science Program. Part of the application package required a “statement of purpose” letter. Below is what I submitted. My grandfather was an artist. I remember sitting in his studio as a five year old, intermittently marveling at the ever-evolving creation coming to life on his canvas, whilst …

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  • On Social Media

    I don’t like social media. It invades our privacy. It scatters our focus, diminishing our ability to think deeply and critically about issues. It’s narcissistic and often banal, frequently catering to the lowest moral common denominator. It’s rife with anger, propelling outrage culture to increasingly ridiculous heights. And yet, on some level, it seems necessary. …

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  • Confessions and Admonitions From a Former Mega Church Youth Pastor

    Hi there. I’m a former mega church youth pastor turned designer and entrepreneur. For nearly fifteen years now, I’ve pretty much hidden the fact I spent 7 years of my life working in full-time ministry: 5 of them at a 12,000 person mega-church. Why the silence? Well, on the one hand, I was fearful. Fearful …

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  • Artistic Analysis of All of MLB’s Home Runs in 2015

    I stumbled upon ESPN’s Home Run Tracker and the amazing work of Greg Rybarczyk a few weeks ago. I was blown away at Mr. Rybarczyk’s detailed tracking and am absolutely amazed that he’s been tracking the data for ten years. Inspired by the treasure trove of data, as well as requests from my oldest son …

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