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Brandon Muth Chief Grunt Worker at Muth Co LLC

The entrepreneur/design/creative industries love fancified sexiness, almost demanding it as prerequisite for a job title. However, for all the crafty creativeness used as bait to generate interest in your profession, very few capture the mundane, down and dirty repetitiveness actually required for running, maintaining and growing a business. Because let’s face it, running your own business is, as most worthwhile endeavors are, hard. It continuously tests your resolve, focus and faith. The excitement of new customers and new products inevitably wears off, and you are left with the very real and complex question of “how are we going to sustain and grow this customer or product?”. Those who actually run and operate a business are very familiar with these difficulties, but for those who perpetually flirt with potential and theories and “big ideas”, know that carving out an enterprise is difficult, presents many discouragements and requires the mentality – and embracing – of a grunt worker in order to keep the organization propelling forward. This is one of the primary lessons I have gleaned during my tenure as a business owner and I feel is a very apropos encapsulator of what I do at MuthCo.