$197.00 / year

– Answer the question “So, what do you do?”
– Gain clarity
– Increase productivity
– Enhance endurance

It’s super cheesy to say, but “for the price of a fancy coffee drink each week” you can gain access to experienced virtual coaching to help you continue on your entrepreneurial journey. Don’t throw in the towel, but keep grinding!

Exclusive to Entrepreneurial Intelligence members: get an initial 1 hour FaceTime session with a 30 day follow-up session at no extra charge (a $150 value).



Entrepreneurial Intelligence is all about helping you answer the question “What do you do?” Over the years, I’ve noticed creative entrepreneurs often run away from this question. It makes them nervous and uncomfortable, so instead of tackling the challenges head on, they distract themselves with a bunch of busy work, tricking themselves into thinking they are building something, when in reality, they are simply subverting true progress.

On the contrary, successful entrepreneurs tackle this question head on. Instead of embracing excuses, they learn to slowly build clarity, productivity and endurance while answering this question. Instead of subverting true progress, they plow forward (often uncomfortably!) little by little, determined to make progress in their pursuit to will their plan into reality.

There are certainly no tricks or gimmicks to succeeding as an entrepreneur. There is, however, plenty of nuance and wisdom that comes from experience – both failures and successes. If you stay the course of entrepreneurship, you will, over time, likely learn many of the same lessons found in an Entrepreneurial Intelligence membership. My desire is to help you along the way, but more importantly convince you to NOT QUIT, by helping you avoid some of the more common pitfalls that hamstring and sabotage people as they move forward with starting their own venture.

The school of hard knocks is a great teacher. But so is listening to people who’ve been their before. I’ve poured the last twenty years into building a long tail and I now want to pour the same heart and soul into helping entrepreneurs survive and thrive.