Art of Surveillance


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With the popularization of drones and advancements in technology that continue to make surveillance tools smaller and more ubiquitous, surveillance seems to get uglier and more Orwellian by the minute. To combat this ugliness, I wanted to take some of the visual elements of surveillance and transform them into something beautiful. Beginning with a vibrant color palette, I recreated topography and satellite imagery, using a technique that presents them as traditional oil painting brush strokes. Next, I overlaid large, transparent squares which represent the pixels associated with digital surveillance and arranged them in a random, yet, cohesive pattern. Finally, for those who wish to investigate further, I blended in abstract references to “eyes” and “ears” which are the real human components behind all the digital intrusion. I’m very pleased with the finished piece, both for the visual aesthetic as well as the deeper, multi-layered meaning involved in creating it. It is sized 36″ x 24″ and 50 limited edition giclee canvas wraps are available for sale.


24×36 Canvas (Giclee Print)


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