Anatomy of Complex Data Visualizations

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I’m always trying to unite complexity and beauty in ways that push traditional data visualization boundaries. Finding the point at which a data visualization becomes a piece of data art excites me and it’s safe to say I’m somewhat obsessed with walking this tightrope of artistic and mathematical expression.

In this course, I walk through, in detail, the various layers and design decisions that go into creating several of my award-winning pieces of data art. These pieces have been showcased at some of the nation’s hottest co-working spaces and have received rave reviews from exhibit attendees, both on and offline. This class will show how I go about constructing visual correlation, how I experiment with the numerous visual subtleties that make up a compelling data visualization, and how I make use of various planes to visualize up to 10 variables at once.

As with all my courses, this course is dynamic, meaning the syllabus will grow as my applicable knowledge and experience grows. Purchasing this course gives you lifetime access to all current and future lessons.

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