Setting all political parties, candidates and “controversial” opinions aside, the selective scrubbing of information that is rapidly becoming the norm for misguided Marxist cancel culture zealots, has run its course.

I’ve had enough and I’m pushing back. I’m taking back control of my content by leaving the major social media platforms and returning to the wonderfully free era of decentralized personal content that we experienced in the mid-2000s with the rise and popularization of blogs.

I’ve already deleted Facebook in 2009, nuked my Twitter account, haven’t shopped on Amazon for over 2 years, cancelled Netflix and Sling, and earlier this year, after 2 months of arm wrestling with eBay’s incompetent technical support, deleted my eBay account.

Like any business, Big Tech needs customers in order to survive. The only way to diminish their influence in our everyday lives is to DEFUND BIG TECH (and you thought I was using profanity up there) by ceasing to use their services. That’s probably a tough ask for many of you, but while you wrestle with your own decisions regarding Big Tech, you are welcome to follow along as I lead the way in unwinding a large middle finger (OK, now I am using profanity) to our ever-meddling, obsessively-tracking tech overlords. Together, I hope we can in greater numbers, both symbolically and practically, stop America’s decent into the censorship abyss.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to poke around and check back at anytime as I double down on my efforts to unwind from the tentacles of Big Tech.


Brandon Muth
November 10, 2020

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