• Anatomy of a Complex Data Visualization

    1 Lessons in , Suggested Price: $25.00

    I'm always trying to unite complexity and beauty in ways that push traditional data visualization boundaries. Finding the point at which a data visualization becomes a piece of data art excites me and in this recorded webinar, I walk through the various layers and design decisions that went into visualizing the 8 Million Miles of America's Highways and Roads. In this recorded webinar, I share glimpses into my process, how I go about constructing visual correlation and how I experiment with the numerous visual subtleties that make up a compelling data visualization.

  • What to Know Before Launching Your Digital Product

    1 Lessons in , Suggested Price: $25.00

    So, you want to launch your digital product, sit back and make millions? Good luck! Instagram tricks us into thinking running digital businesses is the easiest thing in the world, but nothing could be farther from the truth! Before you pour time, effort and money into your digital product, make sure you watch this 22 minute video which covers the most important lessons I've learned since launching GoToWP and WooCredits. It will save you time, heartache and money...and, may even convince you NOT to launch your product.

  • Understanding GDPR: How I'm Updating My WordPress Powered WooCommerce Sites to be GDPR Compliant

    4 Lessons in Suggested Price: $25.00

    This is going to be a multi-part,┬ámulti-week course that will cover everything I’m discovering and doing to make my WordPress powered WooCommerce websites ( and as examples) GDPR compliant. Whether you have a simple WordPress blog or a full-fledged, bells and whistles WooCommerce store, you need to make sure your sites are updated to …

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