What to Know Before Launching Your Digital Product

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So, you want to launch your digital product, sit back and make millions? Good luck! Instagram tricks us into thinking running digital businesses is the easiest thing in the world, but nothing could be farther from the truth! Before you pour time, effort and money into your digital product, make sure you watch this 22 minute video which covers the most important lessons I've learned since launching GoToWP and WooCredits. It will save you time, heartache and money...and, may even convince you NOT to launch your product.


Setting General, Realistic Expectations

If I had a nickel for every wanna be entrepreneur that has started their venture with the ill-fated phrase “if I just sell my product to 1% of the total market…” I would have lots of nickels. This lesson covers the most important step in launching your digital product, namely, setting realistic expectations.

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