Don’t waste time sweating bullets trying to answer this question, because the market will tell you who your market is. This is ESPECIALLY true if you’re in the growing “creative class”.


As I admit in the video, I feel a little silly posting this screencast because the latest version of Premiere has made it so easy it almost doesn’t need a tutorial. However, I searched it on YouTube myself and most of the videos that I found were a little outdated so I thought I’d post …


Link to Letters to Freya: On the eve of his execution, he wrote, “What the Third Reich is so terrified of is ultimately a private individual who has discussed the practical, ethical demands of Christianity.”


Quick video highlighting the talents of Wonderful photographer who specializes in capturing weddings, engagements and families. Based in Albuquerque but travels for select projects. Be sure to check our her site at or follow her on IG at


Tired of your kids wasting the summer away staring into the abyss of their smart phone or tablet? Here are 5 simple suggestions which we have implemented this summer, which have gotten our kids off the couch and back to being real children.


Stumbled across some old vlogs I did back in 2007 and remembered how much I enjoy video, so starting to YouTube some. Below if first in series I’m calling “Forgotten Figures” which highlights interesting and compelling people that have faded as time has passed.

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